Property Management Services


When you engage us for Property Managment servivces, we charge a recurring monthly fee.  It covers the regular things we know will need attention each and every month. Basically, it breaks down this way:

1. Bill payments for utilities and taxes

2. Twice-monthly inspections and reporting

3. Management, supervision, training and payment of wages for housekeeping, pool and garden staff.

4. Oversight of supply of all housekeeping items such as cleaning supplies, light bulbs etc.

5. Administration of your property account, including monthly accounting statements etc.

6. Routine preventive care and maintenance to keep your home in tip-top condition

Yes. As bills come due, we will disburse money from your property account to cover the charges. Eligible bills include CFE, Japay, cable, internet, telephone, and property tax. Additional bills will be handled on a per-bill basis.

We can set up regular cleaning using staff we provide. 

Or, we can work with your existing housekeepers, gardeners and pool cleaners and manage the work they do.  We cannot however pay them on your behalf so you will need to work that out with them directly, perhaps after reviewing the report we sent you of the work they have performed. 

If you prefer to use your staff, there may be a time when they are unavailable, in which case we will send our staff.

Yes.  We ensure there is a baseline of cleaning and other supplies at all times. The time and resources required for us to manage this process is included in our property management agreement. The cost of purchasing supplies is deducted from your property account.


When there is a guest in your home, guests receive one complimentary cleaning for every seven nights of stay. This is standard across all of our homes and it helps to ensure Remixto's reputation for high-quality, well-curated homes.

When your house is vacant, it is up to you to determine how frequently you want cleaning to occur. Typically our owners opt to clean once every one or two weeks.  With Remixto, long periods of vacancy are not typical, so cleaning remains fairly frequent.

We report all issues in inspection reports, sent as often as twice monthly. During inspection, we assess all parts of the house from its general condition to all systems including lighting, plumbing, electrical, pool,  AC, etc.  Our reports keep you in the loop with what we did, what we saw, a set of recommended actions, and when necessary a request for your input.

We sleep with our phones and somebody is always on call.  As such, we’ve got you covered for attention in an after hours emergency.  If it is not urgent, we promise to be more awake and better able to attend to your needs during our business hours… just saying.

Every home in Merida is different and requires a different set of actions to prepare in case of a hurricane. If a hurricane is announced, our primary responsibility is to the health and safety of your guests and there will be plenty to do in a very short time. At that time our regular staffing levels will be stretched thin and our availability will be limited.  As such, we do recommend you are prepared with a local friend that can help you out in such a circumstance.