Reservation income is credited to your Property Account on or within 5 days after the guest checks-in, depending on the processing time of each rental listing site where the reservation was made.

Once funds are available in your Property Account, any amount above your minimum balance may be paided out to you upon request up to one time per month based on the closing available balance reported in the prior month. Onwer payouts may be requested in either USD or MXN and issued by check or electronic funds transfer to an bank account specified by Owner.


Owner payouts in the denominating currency will be issued within 5 business days of request. Payouts in a currency different to the denominating currency take a little longer and depend on the processing times of the banks employed to perform the transfer.

Yes.  We can transfer funds to an account in USD or MXN most anywhere in the world.  If the account is outside the United States or if the requested currency is different to the denominating currency of your property account, payouts will incur a 50 USD in bank fees.