We coordinate, oversee and check all work and ensure it is done correctly in concert with a compentant contractor.

When we determine a repair is required, we work with a contractor to determine and detail the required action and costs on your regular Home Health Update reports and ask you how you’d like to proceed. If the repair is complex, we’ll also prepare a detailed estimate.

When the cost is small, act quickly and the repair may be completed on the spot.  For larger issues that affects your guests or when it is an emergency, we may act before obtaining your approval. However, this is not typical.

We have assembled a trusted and competent team of preferred suppliers and contractors to perform work in your home. All work performed by each supplier is supervised by a property manager dedicated to servicing your home.  Together they get the job done.
Each supplier signs a service agreement with Remixto that details the type of service they are to provide, defines their conduct when in your home and their response times in cases of emergency.  For each repair, the supplier agrees to deliver an estimate prior to all work and notify in advance of any overruns to to unexpected issues that may pop up along the way. So as to ensure the estimates provided by our crack team are in line with the norms where you home is located, we periodically audit to estimates we receive to ensure you are getting a competitive price.
While we agree that there is always someone better out there, we strive to maintain a team that is competent, responsive and reasonably priced.

We believe that our ability to deliver good work on time is more important than getting it perfect the first time around. This is especially true in old historic homes where you never know exactly what you are going to uncover as the work proceeds. 

For this reason, Remixto works with suppliers that provide a warranty on their workmanship.  Whatever happens, we will work in concert with the supplier to put it right.  Read the complete policy here.

That depends.  For most our our homes, we provide these photos and copy for free as part of our service.  When we do that, we own this work for exclusive use by Remixto.  Sometimes, owners want extra photos or are required to pay for this work up front.  If that is your circumstance, then Remixto still owns the work, but you receive a right of use licence.

Yes.  Do you want one today? We are constantly receiving requests for accommodation, and if your home is available, we can accept the booking and get the guest checked in within 4 hours.

Yes, renting and selling at the same time is no problem. In fact, renting short term can be a great way to offset the costs of upkeep and cleaning.  Most guests don’t mind a real estate showing during their stay and are generally happy to keep the house tidy when it happens.

We can manage showings, disburse keys to real estate agents and keep everything running smoothly.

A proven track record of rental success is also a great way to increase your home’s value as many potential buyers are considering their vacation rental potential when they buy.

As reservations are taken 3-6 months in advance, there is is the possibility of your home changing ownership where future reservation exists. As many new owners have no plans to occupy their new home immediately, future reservations are often seen as a plus.  On occasion, a rental listing site may assess a fee for a cancelled reservation, however this can typically be avoided by transferring the reservation to alternative accommodation with guest consent.

This arrangement is no problem.  We'll set up up with a reservation calendar where you can enter the guest details for reservaitons you take and see any reservation that we have taken.  Working in this way allows us to easily coordinate our activities and ensure we avoid double bookings.  

You are free to set their own rates and conditions and do not need to advise Remixto of these particulars.  Remixto will simply assume a standard commission as indicated in your service agreement to provide Guest Experience Management based on your listed rates for the nights booked.

For reservations that you accept where you handle the payment details directly with the guest, our Reservation Management commission will not apply.

At the current time, due to a glitch in our reservation software, the IVA portion of the income you receive for each reservation is being displayed differently on monthly Property Statements vs your Reservation Notification emails.

On Property Statements, reservation income is shown inclusive of IVA as it has always been and was agreed with you when your rates were set.

However, on the Reservation Notifications, IVA is now showing separately.  This is a glitch in the way the amount is displayed on the email.  No change have been made to the total amount of rent being collected from guests and the reservation income credited to your property account remains unchanged, regardless of how it is reported. 

On your Reservation Notification, to see your complete reservation income, simply add the “base amount” and the “taxes collected” together.  We apologize that you have to do the math.

Each of the vacation listing sites on which your home is promoted work differently and charge a different amount of commission ranging between 5 and 20%.  In addition, while some bundle the various fees into a single rate, others list service fees, taxes, processing fees and cleaning costs separately.

Our goal is to work all this out so that, regardless of what commission the sites charge, and how they roll up their rates, you earn the same reservation income (give or take a few dollars) for each booking.

We also try to be transparent and complete in our reporting of the fees and charges assessed by each listing site.  However, as new sites are added, and the vacation industry matures, our reporting can at times be confusing.  If you require clarification, please ask and we are happy to sit with you and clarify how your rates or reservation income is presented.

You are in control from the start as you can set clear house rules about the number of guests are permitted in your home and whether you have any restrictions regarding allowing pets or children.

When making a reservation, there are often a number of back-and-forth correspondence with guests where we assess whether they are a good fit for your home.  That said, many guests book online where extensive pre-screening is not possible.  

Upon or after guest arrival, a Remixto team member attends the home to execute a tenancy contract as well as check that arriving guests are in compliance with any house rules you have set.

Despite our best efforts, something things break down or noisy construction on an adjacent property impacts the quality of a guest stay.  In such events, we do on occasion offer to relocate the guest.

This is a great way to resolve tensions and allow the guest to get back to enjoying their stay. In instances of guest relocation, you may be charged for the costs of resettlement including any difference in rent. The upside of this situation is that your home will sometimes be on the receiving end of a guest relocation and this bonus income tend to balance out the loss of income over time.

While you should expect a little everyday wear and tear, damage does occur from time to time. For this, an agreed “Damage Deposit” amount is collected from guests before they arrive or is pre-authorized on a credit card at the time of check-in.  For details about how damage is assessed and collected, please refer to our Damage policy.

Remixto provides hotel-quality linens during each guest stay.  At checkout, we collect and launder them professionally.  The costs associated with rental and laundry are assessed as part of a small rental supply fee on each reservation.

We ask you to provide pillows, blankets and decorative items like cushions and throws so each home retains its own individual flair.  These will be professionally laundered as required.

If you have your own linens, they will be reserved for your exclusive use so they don’t become lost or worn through guest use. While you’re away, your linens will be safely stored in your home and then laid out again upon your return.

A reservation calendar exists for each of the homes Remixto manages on your behalf. You can see what booking you have, block time for yourself and even add reservations directly for any bookings you make. Simply follow the Owner Login on our website and log into your owner portal.  If you don’t see your calendar immediately, it is accessible from the “Reservations” icon.

In an increasingly competative vacation rental market, being experts in marketing, social media and sales is key.  We have worked hard to assemble the talent required to make this a reality and the results speak for themselves. Simply put, we book you more. Even in low season.

We achieve this with a dedicated staff to reservation sales, social media and website promotion, and marketing channel management.  We see ourselves as a vacation rental company first and are proud of our ability to stay ahead of the game and book your home better than any other company.


Being able to list your home on multiple listing sites or "channels" is the key to getting your home booked in the increasing competative vacation rental market and Remixto homes are listed on more channels than any of our competitors.  

We have a dedicated channel management team that works to create accurate and standout rental listings for your home on over 10 channels such as HomeAway, Airbnb,, TripAdvisor and more.  Not every channel is right for every homeowner, but we’ll work with you upfront to figure out the best blend of promotion options for your home. 


We employ a professional photographer to come and take photos of your home for each your rental listings we maintain for your home. We will work with you in advance to curate your home so that we can make it looks its best. This often doesn’t involve much more than straightening the furniture and storing away a few personal effects. However, if you need more help, that’s no problem.

We keep detailed accounts of every peso we disburse on your behalf and ever dollar we receive from you and your guests.  We maintain a property account for you and give you a detailed account statement each month.

Listing on is free for as long as you like and we only take a small commission when we book your home. Once listed, we’ll take care of all the reservation inquires, bookings and payments.

Owner payouts in the denominating currency will be issued within 5 business days of request. Payouts in a currency different to the denominating currency take a little longer and depend on the processing times of the banks employed to perform the transfer.

Yes.  We can transfer funds to an account in USD or MXN most anywhere in the world.  If the account is outside the United States or if the requested currency is different to the denominating currency of your property account, payouts will incur a 50 USD in bank fees.

Reservation income is credited to your Property Account on or within 5 days after the guest checks-in, depending on the processing time of each rental listing site where the reservation was made.

Once funds are available in your Property Account, any amount above your minimum balance may be paided out to you upon request up to one time per month based on the closing available balance reported in the prior month. Onwer payouts may be requested in either USD or MXN and issued by check or electronic funds transfer to an bank account specified by Owner.


It all depends on how attractive it is to guests as well as it’s size, location and amenities. The more you can showcase these things, the more income there is to be made.  

While every home is different, we provide an free in-home rental assessment for you to get an good idea up front.  We assess over 80 aspects of your home, run some numbers and then calculate your suggest rental rates.

We use the same calculator to set rates on our other homes, so we know the numbers we give are competitive. There is no obligation to move forward, and if you don’t, that’s fine with us as we will have enjoyed taking a look around your home.

As Remixto specializes in short term vacation rentals, payment is received up front before check-in, guests sign a spanish language tenancy agreement that protects you from unwelcome guests overstaying.  

Over time, there will be little wear and tear, and the occasional spoon will go walk-about.  We recommend that if you have anything you value, you put it away before guests arrive.  Overall however, we are constantly surprised by how respectful guests are of the homes they stay in.  We collect a fairly large damage deposit upfront, and it is perhaps because guests typically want it back that they are very respectful of your home. It is a rare circumstance indeed where we need to deduct money from a damage deposit.

We advise that all sentimental and precious items are removed from the house before guests arrive. We are happy to store them away for you, either off-site or perhaps in a lockable storage area within your home.


You can see your availability calendar on simply by searching for your home and clicking on the availability tab to see a list of available and unavailable dates.  For full access to your reservation calendar, click the Owner login link at the top of and log in to see a full list of upcoming reservations and owner blocks.

In general, we love to promote your home to guests in the most attractive way possible and this typically means no owner pets during guest stays.  That said, let us know what you have in mind and maybe we can work something out.

Like with readying the house for check-in, we are pretty flexible.  While we always take care of the laundry, we are pretty flexible about who cleans up.  We can take care of it, or leave it to your staff if you prefer.

At the current time, no.

It can be us, or you if you prefer.

As we know in advance when guests are arriving, we take care of everything so the house looks its very best at check-in. We send a team of housekeepers, pool technicians and gardeners to clean and tidy well in advance.  Shortly before your guests arrive, we send another team to add the finishing touches.  This incudes special toiletries, welcome materials and a little hotel-like sparkle that Remixto homes are known for. 

If you’d rather prepare the house yourself, we can help you out by giving you a checklist and offering a pointers about what preparations are necessary. In such cases, we ask that (provided there is time between guests) the home is cleaned and ready between 24 and 36 hours in advance of check-in.

We do this so that we have sufficient time to bring our team to add those finishing touches and ensure that everything is in order. It also allow plenty of time to get any issues addressed before the guest arrives. Obviously, when there is less than 24 hours available between guests this is not possible. In such situations, we request that the work commense at 11am and is complete by 3pm that day.

We are flexible and can construct a service package to suit any situation. When working with other property managers, we’re flexible about how to coordinate cleanings to ensure properties are ready prior to guest check-in. For rentals longer than one week, we work with you or your property manager to ensure a regular cleaning schedule is maintained.

For the bookings we secure, we manage all guest issues and serve as the sole point of contact for guests. If there are non-emergency issues, we contact your property manager so they can handle them. In emergencies, we manage them personally to ensure they are resolved quickly and efficiently.

Things happen. Lights burn out and certain things break down over time. If the guest is not adversely affected by an issue that arises, we are happy complete the repair after the guest checks out and when we have been able to seek your directive on how to proceed.

Sometimes, however, the guest needs the repair ASAP. When this happens, we try to get in touch with you to discuss the details. Our goal is to keep in the good graces of both you and the guests, which is why we work efficiently with either your preferred technicians (or ours when you prefer) to get things back in order quickly.

If all else fails (it happens, but not often), we will work to resettle the guest and work things out amicably between all parties.

We love the wide array of amazing homes and haciendas in Yucatan, and we love it when we can show them off to guests, in all their outstanding glory.

Our goal is promote your home well, organize it so that it is tidy, clean and operational.  If we help maintain the stock of great history in Yucatan, work to improve it so that guest and owners like yourself return for a great stay, year after year.  

If we do our job right, you win with an ever improving home and a little income to boot.  With our small commision we get paid to wow your guests and for a job done well.  That  is reward aplenty.

Our commission depends on what services you want us to provide to you. We are very flexible in our owner services, and can either slot with your existing processes or take care of everything on your behalf.  Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you.

OK, so this is not such a frequently asked question. However, we do believe guests are good for your home. Like you, your home needs occasional exercise, and that’s what your guest provides. By keeping the water flowing and the house open and breathing, you home is actually better off than if you didn’t rent it out.  

The right type of guest is also important.  With Remixto's focus on shorter stays, your guests spend most of their time exploring the Yucatan and less time at home than a longer-term guest.  As such, shorters stays are great for your pocket, as they mean less wear and tear over time.

Start out by browsing our homes. Once you have found something that inspires you and fits your needs, click the big pink ‘Book’ button and enter your details to seal the deal. Or, if you prefer, pick up the phone and call us, or send us an inquiry.

You can choose to pay by check, direct deposit, credit card or debit card. And, to give you peace of mind, all bookings made more than seven days before your stay have a 24 hour cancellation period, during which time you can cancel, no questions asked.

From experience, we know that the initial first months of managing a home are often more expensive. We are meticulous and thorough, which is why when we first begin to manage the property, we often discover certain issues that should be resolved in order for your investment to be in tip-top shape and offer the highest rate of return.

If we fix problems before guests arrive, you save money, guests are happier, and your home is more likely to be booked again in the future.

For repairs up to 750 MXN, you'll pay the cost of repair as charged by the supplier and nothing more.  For most homeowners, these "minor repairs" are the bulk of the work required. For repairs over 750 MXN, we assess a markup of 20% on top of the amount charged by the supplier.

If we are coordinating repairs with your prefered suppliers, we may assess additional charges for hours we spend liaising with your team as this can be require more time and effort to affect the repair.  When we use our preferred suppliers, you'll pay nothing more than is stated above.

Yes. We will use any contractors you may choose. It is actually our preference as your contractors probably know your home best.  During a emergency situation during a guest stay, we will use our people if your preferred contractor is unresponsive or unavailable. 

Provided you book more than seven days before the start of your stay, you can cancel your reservation no questions asked within 24 hours of making it with no penalty.

If cancellation is made greater than 45 days prior to check-in, full rental payment will be refunded. If cancellation is between 15 and 45 days prior to check-in, 50% of rent due will be refunded. Cancellations less than 15 days will result in forfeiture of rent.

Regardless of when cancellation is requested, any damage deposit paid will be refunded in full. All processing fees will be deducted from the refunded amount.

Every home in Merida is different and requires a different set of actions to prepare in case of a hurricane. If a hurricane is announced, our primary responsibility is to the health and safety of your guests and there will be plenty to do in a very short time. At that time our regular staffing levels will be stretched thin and our availability will be limited.  As such, we do recommend you are prepared with a local friend that can help you out in such a circumstance. 

We sleep with our phones and somebody is always on call.  As such, we’ve got you covered for attention in an after hours emergency.  If it is not urgent, we promise to be more awake and better able to attend to your needs during our business hours… just saying.

When you receive a booking confirmation, it will contain instructions on the exact address with directions and a link to a map.

Upon check-in, you will be required to sign a renter’s agreement outlining our terms and conditions. Although this contact is mostly the same across all our homes, there are some differences depending on the home and length of stay. An advance copy of this agreement is available upon request.

You are responsible for payment of electricity consumed during your stay. The electricity meter will be read at check-in and check-out. This arrangement is typical of most vacation homes in Yucatan, and is usually $4-$8 USD per day depending on the size of the home and season. Air conditioning is expensive in Yucatán, and guests use it in varying amounts. Paying for your own electricity allows you to determine your needs and comfort and helps keep our rental prices lower for you.

For stays of less than one month, the full reservation amount is due at the time of booking. For longer stays, first month’s rent is required at the time of booking. Additional monthly rent is required in full on the same day of subsequent months based on the date of check-in.

Provided you book more than seven days before the start of your stay, you can cancel your reservation no questions asked within 24 hours of making it with no penalty. For the full details of our booking and cancellation process, refer to our Accommodation Agreement.

We accept payment via credit card, PayPal, wire transfer, and check. If opting to pay with PayPal, let us know and we will email you a separate payment request from our PayPal account. Please note, all PayPal payments will incur a 4% service fee.

Yes. Many of our homes are listed on other rental listing sites such as AirBnb, HomeAway and TripAdvisor. If you would rather book our homes through them, that’s no problem. Many of these sites take online payments so this can be a very convenient option.

Often times, and depending on availability, the answer is yes. If you’re staying for a while, splitting your time between two homes is a great way to spend time in town and on the beach or experience different styles of homes in our collection. Best of all, you’ll still be able to take advantage of our lower rates for longer stays. This arrangement is a little harder to work out online, but we can make it easy by chatting with you about your needs.

Absolutely. All our homes are ready to go within a few hours notice, and so if we have availability, we can settle you in on the spot. However, as most of our homes are mostly booked up at least a few weeks in advance, it pays to make a reservation.

You can book at any time for any date. How’s your 2018 looking?

Although most of our guests tend to start booking 2-3 months ahead of their stay, there are times when we are quite busy and people tend to book sooner. January and February are our busiest months in Merida, and summer is busy on the beach. For dates in popular seasons, guests looking for the pick of the bunch start looking 10-12 months in advance.

Your information and privacy are important to us, and we don’t share your details with anyone. For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

You’ll always find the place clean and tidy, with fresh linens, fluffy towels, and boutique-hotel-quality toiletries. In all but our most budget homes, at check-in, we also provide some food and goodies to get you going.

Complimentary maid service is included for reservations over 7 nights (1 maid service per week). Additional services are available upon request.

In an effort to offer the best selection of vacation rental homes in town, we are constantly looking for new homes that exemplify Mérida’s unique charm and character. We offer homes to suit any budget and style.  Looking for something in particular? Tell us about what you need and we’ll probably find it for you.

Some of our homes accept pets, others do not. For those that do, we typically ask for a pet deposit.  Please refer to the individual listings for details.

While most of our homes accept children, some have varying restrictions based on age.  Please refer to the individual listings for details.

Your rental home is all yours.  No sharing required! With high walls and tranquil gardens, you’ll have plenty of privacy and space to relax. Typically when guests arrive, they often ask, with their chin to the floor, “Is this all mine?” The answer is yes.

Officially, check-in is after 3pm and check-out is at 11am.  However, we know you’ll want in at whatever time you arrive and will be ready to check out a few hours before your flight home.  As such, we’re pretty flexible provided we have availability and you let us know ahead of time.

When you arrive, a Remixto agent will meet you at the home with keys, smiles, and everything you need to get going.  We request your arrival information a week or so before you arrive to ensure everything is set up just the way you want it.  

If you are arriving late, or in the event that we can’t meet you, we’ll leave you keys in a lock box attached to the front door and send instructions to you via email.  If this happens, we'll follow up in person the next day to ensure you are settled in.

We collect, hold and return damage deposits for bookings made through 10 business days after you check out from your stay, unless the owner raises a claim, we will initiate transfer of the refund*.

If your damage deposit is held by another booking agent, please refer to the terms and conditions as outlined in your original booking.

*If you paid via PayPal you should receive the refund within 24 hours from the date it is initiated. If you paid by debit/credit card, timings depend on your card provider - the average is three business days.

We report all issues in inspection reports, sent as often as twice monthly. During inspection, we assess all parts of the house from its general condition to all systems including lighting, plumbing, electrical, pool,  AC, etc.  Our reports keep you in the loop with what we did, what we saw, a set of recommended actions, and when necessary a request for your input.

When there is a guest in your home, guests receive one complimentary cleaning for every seven nights of stay. This is standard across all of our homes and it helps to ensure Remixto's reputation for high-quality, well-curated homes.

When your house is vacant, it is up to you to determine how frequently you want cleaning to occur. Typically our owners opt to clean once every one or two weeks.  With Remixto, long periods of vacancy are not typical, so cleaning remains fairly frequent.

Yes.  We ensure there is a baseline of cleaning and other supplies at all times. The time and resources required for us to manage this process is included in our property management agreement. The cost of purchasing supplies is deducted from your property account.


We can set up regular cleaning using staff we provide. 

Or, we can work with your existing housekeepers, gardeners and pool cleaners and manage the work they do.  We cannot however pay them on your behalf so you will need to work that out with them directly, perhaps after reviewing the report we sent you of the work they have performed. 

If you prefer to use your staff, there may be a time when they are unavailable, in which case we will send our staff.

Yes. As bills come due, we will disburse money from your property account to cover the charges. Eligible bills include CFE, Japay, cable, internet, telephone, and property tax. Additional bills will be handled on a per-bill basis.

When you engage us for Property Managment servivces, we charge a recurring monthly fee.  It covers the regular things we know will need attention each and every month. Basically, it breaks down this way:

1. Bill payments for utilities and taxes

2. Twice-monthly inspections and reporting

3. Management, supervision, training and payment of wages for housekeeping, pool and garden staff.

4. Oversight of supply of all housekeeping items such as cleaning supplies, light bulbs etc.

5. Administration of your property account, including monthly accounting statements etc.

6. Routine preventive care and maintenance to keep your home in tip-top condition

An agreement is an agreement. and we are strict with our homeowners.  As such, homeowners are not permitted to cancel a booking once confirmed. However, we can never say never, and in very rare circumstances such as emergencies or other calamities, the home may be unavailable for all or part of the stay.  In such circumstances, we’ll let you know as soon as we can and help assist with other comparable accommodations.

Absolutely. Provided the house is available, you can change at any time without penalty. If the charge for the new dates is lower than your previous dates, the difference in price will be treated according to our standard cancellation policy.

We know it’s not polite to answer a question by asking another, but what do you need? We do it all, from organizing you a private tour of Chichen Itza, to arranging an indulgent massage in your tropical garden, or providing you with an in-house chef for that special event.

Whether you want to celebrate, spoil yourself shamelessly, or just get some groceries stocked before you arrive, we are here to help.

Some houses yes, others no. Each house is different and you can read about the rules on the listing for the house on our website.  In all cases, if part of the house is unavailable to guests, its not listed as an amenity.

Nicknamed the City of Peace, Mérida has one of the lowest crime rates in the country, and we are constantly hearing from guests about how safe they feel, even alone on city streets after dark.  Along the beach it is a similar story.

As for the houses, all come with secure keys and strong security. In the unlikely event you need us, we’re here for you 24/7.

Mérida is full of historic old homes and things do break down from time to time. We’re here for you 24/7 and will work to either get the problem fixed or provide alternatives without disturbing your stay.

Each home comes furnished, with quality linens, fluffy towels, a fully equipped kitchen, toiletries, and all the things you would expect from a much-loved home. Upon arrival, we also provide you hotel-style toiletries, and a few snacks to get you going.

Each home also comes a personalized Remixto guide about the home and the city, as well as maps, magazines, and brochures filled with great things to do in Mérida, along the Emerald Coast and out-and-about in Yucatán.

Yes.  Whatever you need, we probably have it and can put it in the home before you arrive for a small rental fee.  Let us know what you need, and we’ll send you some details.

Complimentary maid service is included for reservations over 7 nights (1 maid service per week). Additional services are available upon request.


Some homes are very popular and they can be booked solid. Other times they are owner-occupied or unavailable due to maintenance or renovation. It always pays to contact us to learn more, as we can sometimes juggle things around to make it work for you. We also have additional information on soon-to-be-listed homes that may be similar and suit your needs.

We don't like to brag, but we have the best collection of well maintained and curated homes in town.  Also our one-of-kind vacation rental homes come with world-class amenities and personalized travel services that allow you escape, indulge, and explore the rich culture and history.  Read our review and see for yourself why others are choosing Remixto.

The homes curated and advertised by Remixto are owned mostly by expats from Canada and the United States who live part-time in México.  Most of our Owners fell in love with Mérida or the Yucatan Coast, and the rich history and decoration displayed in their homes is a reflection of this love.

Every Remixto vacation rental is handpicked for its unique charm and cared for by our travel experts to ensure it offers you world-class luxury and experiences. We carefully choose homes that reflect the city’s rich history and charm —homes that let you experience the important local art and colonial architecture so unique to Mérida and the Emerald Coast of Yucatan. And we fill each one-of-a-kind home with first-rate modern amenities based on your unique needs.