Damage Policy for Owners

1. Definitions

For the purposes of this Policy, we will use the following terms as defined below:

“Excluded Items” means damage or loss to items in the Property that are not advertised for use by Guest during Tenancy, including (but not limited to) cash, jewellery, cars, effects in storage within areas of the Property off limits to guests.

“Breakables” means glasses, vases or other glassware, plates, saucers, bowls and other dishware left at the property of an Owner for a Tenancy.

“Guest” means a person who stays at a Owner’s Property.

“Guest Damage” means any damage to a Owner’s property caused by a Guest during a Tenancy other than:

 - a Home Breakdown;

 - Wear and Tear; or

 - damage to and/or loss of any Excluded Items.

“Home Breakdown” means an issue with a Owner’s property that:

 - affects its core functionality;

 - causes a breach in Owner Obligations; and

 - arises during the ordinary use of the Owner’s property by the Guest and/or Remixto during a Tenancy.

Examples of a Home Breakdown include (but are not limited to) the breakdown of a ceiling fan, a water heater or the internet, a drain becoming blocked, or fixtures and fittings becoming loose and unusable.

“Owner” means a person who is contracted with Remixto to make a Property available for rent by Guest.

“Owner Obligations” means the obligations agreed between Owner and Remixto as detailed on the Property Management and Rental Agreement that exists between them.

“Property Manager” means a person contracted by the Owner to perform an inspection of the property at the end each Tenancy.

“Remixto” means the group of companies trading as Remixto under and including Grupo Remixto S de RL de CV and Reimagined Property Services, LLC

“Tenancy” the period of time the Owner’s property is being used for a booking by a Guest arranged by Remixto and including any period when the property is being prepared by Remixto either before or after such tenancy.

“Wear and Tear” means any damage to a Owner’s property caused during a Tenancy that:

 - does not affect the core functionality of the home;

 - does not cause sufficient damage to the property to breach the Owner Obligations;

 - is reasonably immaterial in nature for a property during Tenancy (as determined in our absolute discretion); and

 - arises in the ordinary course of the property being inhabited,

Examples of Wear and Tear include (but are not limited to) scuff-marks on a wall of the property of less than 10cm in length, gradual soiling or discolouration of upholstery over time or a light bulb breakage.

2. Guest Damages

2.1 Where Remixto is the Property Manager for the Property, Remixto will perform a reasonable inspection of the Property at the end of a Tenancy to identify Guest Damage. In cases when Remixto is not the Property Manager, the Owner must notify Remixto within 24 hours of the end of a Tenancy.

2.2 In the event that Remixto is notified or made aware of Guest Damage arising during the Tenancy, Remixto will use reasonable endeavours to inform the Owner of such Guest Damage and obtain quotations from their own and/or third party contractors for the remedy or rectification of the Guest Damage. Remixto will notify Owner of the cost of repair.

2.3 In the event a Tenancy is:

- ongoing and it is necessary (as determined by Remixto) to remedy or rectify the Guest Damage during the course of the Tenancy, Remixto will coordinate with their own and/or a third party contractor to remedy and/or rectify the Guest Damage for the cost reported to Owner.

- finished and the Guest Damage has not been rectified and/or remedied, the Owner may choose to direct Remixto to supervise the repair using their own and/or a third party contractor or to use such other contractor as the Owner may determine in his/her absolute discretion.

2.3 Owners agree that Remixto may seek to recover the cost of any Guest Damage caused by a Guest and Owners assign the benefit of recovering the cost of such Guest Damage contained in the terms of the Accommodation Agreement between the Owner and the Guest.

2.4 Remixto will credit the owner for any amount collected from a Guest for Guest Damage up to the amount equal to the cost of the Guest Damage reported to the Owner. Owner agrees that Remixto is not liable for amounts that cannot be recovered from Guest.

2.5 Remixto will not reimburse any Damage relating to Breakables other than in its absolute discretion and, in any event, any such reimbursement as determined by Remixto would be up to a maximum of $5 per item damaged.

2.6 Owners are solely responsible for the costs, remedy and rectification of making good Wear and Tear.

2.7 Remixto does not report to Owners instances of Wear and Tear at the Property, unless over a period of time, the cumulative effect of many instances of Wear and Tear causes a breach in Owner Obligations (as determined by Remixto).